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Dave – A Smart Game

Dave is a modern version of the Simon game. As in the Simon game, the user’s goal is to remember the sequence of colours that they are played and repeat them back. On each successful attempt, the user will have to remember one more colour that has been added to the sequence. In this version, Hue Lights have been implemented so that when a user is successful the light indicates green, and on a failure, it goes red.

It is a simple website to navigate, the main action takes place on the game page. Once there, simply press start and once Dave has shown you his first colour, click it. If you got it right, then Dave will highlight another colour. Simply press both the first colour in the sequence and the new one in order to pass this round. This loop will continue until the user makes a mistake, then its back to the start.

The light is used to indicate the information to the player, this is the only light that the user should pay attention to for the game. Future work could include the addition of multiplayer scoring on different lights. Pressing start will reset the game if it is already in progress.

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